Need More Likes and Hearts on Your Post? Here’s How to Do It

Every new generation will often always get a better share of the pie than their predecessor—in the aspect of technology. For instance, some older people have experienced the thrill of going through the index cards in a library and finding out that what you’re looking for is available. It also can be taken out for your personal use. These days, Googling is but a touch of the fingertips (with just the right amount of postpaid or data), and poof, you’re a crash course genius after watching a 20-minute YouTube video. And speaking of videos, there was a time when there weren’t any cameras or smartphones.

If you would like to have your picture taken, you have to hire a professional and get scheduled or go to a photography or TV production company and probably pay what can be worth at least a day or two of a proper lunch.

Alas, polaroid camera films and processing negatives inside a dimly lit, the red room always looked cool in old noir movies. Nevertheless, the nostalgia and the flare of the OG dampens compared to the sharpness and dexterity of that of the new. Preference aside, no one can deny that fact.

We’re all friends here, and we don’t want you fellas to be left behind with what is trendy. For those who feel that they are reverting into the Jurassic dinosaurs they once were, here are a few simple tips to get you started on those shutter moments.


  1. Follow the rule of thirds.

    The rule of thirds is a concept in art that proposes a proper way of arranging a subject of photography or video in a canvass divided into nine equal parts. It’s not a lot to take in. there are some pretty specific guidelines out there, and all you have to do is copy them, and you’re on your way into your next desirable Instagram post. Smartphones usually have a setting to turn on the grid view and enable this feature.

  2. Decide on one subject and focus on that.

    Here’s the clincher: not all aspects of the photo should be great. This is why when deciding a snap, direct the angle towards the good side and the emphasis you want to be. Everything else should be drowned background. That is what the world is, an imperfect one. Do not be pressured because someone else took a very likable shot. Working into making each part of the captured image to be flawless required further studies. Let’s take little steps because it’s still okay. To enable a focus on camera phones, the usual action would be to touch the screen where the chosen subject is and keep the phone steady as you press the shutter on the screen.

  3. Minimize clutter.

    The practice in personal photography before is to sneak in as many things as possible and compact them into one shot so that you would save on film. That isn’t the case nowadays since you could take a barrage of photos and pick the best one. Simply put, you do not need to sardine a lot of subjects. That was the selling point of Apple when they bid for cleaner and condensed interface in their products. It’s okay if it’s just a field of green grass and blue skies because Microsoft actually bought that photo and placed it as a default wallpaper in their early operating systems. See how the long term rivals agree on that?

  4. Be on the lookout for patterns.

    Nature is, well by nature, symmetrical. Our own bodies are perfect examples of how it can almost be identically viewed when cut in half vertically (not that we are proposing you would do that). It’s not as hard as finding a four-leaf clover or a needle in a haystack, or a private photo of Julia Roberts (this gal moved to New Mexico to escape the paparazzi lenses). The world is full of small wonders hidden or tucked away in some corner you never thought you needed. Kind of like that pesky suitor you thought wasn’t good enough for you but turned out to be the best one you could get. But you’re already too late because you were looking for stones when you actually should have already gotten a diamond? Yes, that analogy is necessary.

  5. Be happy!

    There isn’t anything worth capturing than your smile and those of the ones you love. Cheer up because you got this! Here’s to that first one hundred likes on your next Facebook selfie!

With these ideas in mind, you can capture in digital and print your favorite moments without worrying about their quality. That way, you can also catch those likes and hearts you’re after.

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