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How Suppliers are Using Technology to Attract Wedding Clients During the Pandemic

Are you struggling to keep your wedding business alive? You are not alone. The coronavirus pandemic shut down governments, brought economies down on their knees, and disrupted the flow of businesses. But if there’s one industry that has been heavily impacted in unbelievable ways, it’s the events and wedding industry. Governments had to advise against the gatherings of more than 10 people. This means that only small weddings are allowed under the restrictions.

Although some of these restrictions have eased, the wedding industry is still feeling the brunt of the pandemic. The spring and summer seasons should have been jam-packed with weddings and events, but none of these things were allowed during the past six months. If you’re still standing up and operating after all these months, count yourself lucky. Plenty of wedding suppliers have forever closed their doors.

Using Social Media

You are going to reach out to your clients through social media. Post photos of your products and services. Market your business as normally as you would. Couples moved their wedding dates from spring and summer to fall and winter. There is still a market out there that you can reach. People are still going to get married no matter what.

It’s just a matter of time before they feel comfortable planning their weddings again. Now that the government eased restrictions, you can expect inquiries from your target market. Use social media to your advantage. People are so dependent on social media these days. They use these platforms to communicate and connect with their loved ones. They also use it for business and for things like planning a wedding, birthday, and anniversary.

Wedding Venues

Create a virtual tour of your wedding venue. To lessen the instances of interaction with couples, show them the facilities and amenities through a livestream or recorded video. This is the same thing that real estate brokers have been doing. They are touring their clients through houses and buildings using videos.

On the video, let your clients know that you are sanitizing the venue every day. Show them how you are maintaining proper sanitation and cleanliness. Use these as a bait to get your target audience to book your venue.

Food and Beverages

Under normal circumstances, the couples would attend a food-tasting event. These days, you can simply send the food to your clients’ address. If the presentation of the food is important, you can visit the house yourself and prepare the food there (provided, of course, that you all follow safety measures). As for an experienced wedding bartender, you can put your concoction in a bottle and send it to the couple.

Virtually, you can show the couples how you make the food and drinks. You’ll give them an idea of how you are going to prepare the dishes and cocktails on the day of the wedding. Remember that during weddings, every detail is important.


Similar to the food and beverage suppliers, you can send a miniature version of the floral arrangement that the couple likes to have for their wedding. Online, you can tour them around the shop and show them different varieties of flowers. They can choose the flowers during a video call. You can also show them the different arrangements that you think will suit their wedding motif.


Music is one of the most important components of every wedding party. The band can send a sample of the songs that the couple wants them to perform. If the couple wished for it and the band would oblige, they can hold a mini-concert through video for them. The purpose of this is to perform the specific songs that the couple requested. Think of it as auditioning for your clients.

Hairstylist and Makeup Artist

One of the biggest problems for wedding couples is how to choose the hairstylist and makeup artist. For the bride, it is impossible to choose a makeup artist without first having a trial. How can a makeup artist and hairstylist solve this dilemma? You can ask someone to stand-in as the client. Through a video call, you can show the client how you plan to style her hair. This will, at least, give the would-be bride an idea of how her hair might look during the wedding day.

These are unprecedented and unnatural times. It calls for special and extraordinary marketing genius, too. Make sure you have a strong presence online. Build a website and strengthen your social media presence. Connect and reach out to your target audience. And always, be innovative and resourceful when selling your services to them.

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