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Car Accessories to Make Your Car Feel Like Home

Because of the prolonged period of isolation, no doubt you’re itching for some adventure. The good news is that you can have a safe, socially distanced adventure by going on a good old-fashioned road trip. Just keep your party small and limited to the people you’ve been in quarantine with. On such excursions, your car will be as good as your home, so make sure to equip it with the right gear.

Pimp your ride and make road trips better with these game-changing accessories. No matter what state of newness your car is in, there’s something here for you. If you got your car second hand from a bad credit car dealership, there’s still something here for you.

Hand sanitizer dispenser for your car

This car accessory is the most timely one out there. Gone are the days of having to fumble through your back or glove compartment for a bottle of hand sanitizer. A disinfectant dispenser fits into your car’s cup holder and has a convenient pump for easy access. The container also has a vent valve that keeps its interior temperatures from getting too high so your disinfectant doesn’t chemically change or ignite when left inside your car on a hot day. Still, it’s best to remove the dispenser if your car is parked under the hot summer sun.

Alexa-powered car charger

Ever wanted to take your virtual assistant along on your trips? Now you can. ANKER’s Roav Viva car charger comes with two USB-A ports that allow fast charging. It’s also Alexa-enabled, so you get hands-free control and access to navigation, calls, and messages while still keeping your eyes on the road.

Hudly head-up display

If you don’t trust your peripheral vision on the road – and good on you if that’s the case – then you should invest in a portable head-up display (HUD). Hudly is a wireless HUD that projects your navigation data and instructions to your windshield. In doing so, you reduce your risks of getting into an accident because all your vital driving information is placed within your line of sight. Hudly also allows you to take phone calls and access navigation apps with minimal fuss while you’re driving to ensure a safer trip.

Winter essentials

If you’re planning on taking your car out for a long ride this winter, it’s best to be prepared for any snow-related encounters. If you find your car buried in blankets of snow, these escape traction mats from MAXSA are durable yet lightweight enough to be friendly. You’ll get your car out of the snow with minimal disturbance. Just don’t leave them behind!

If you want a complete kit, check out AA’s Emergency Winter Car Kit. It includes a folding shovel, foil blanket, raincoat, booster cables, snow grips, LED torch, high-visibility vest – everything you’d need if your car ever got stuck in the snow on a cold winter night.

Car rooftop tent

If a camping trip is what you have in mind to escape the claustrophobia of lockdown, there’s no better tent to have than iKamper’s Skycamp 2.0. It goes on top of your car with a ladder to help you up and down and it can sleep up to 4 people inside it. The mattress is soft and comfortable and the tent is made of a breathable fabric. The iKamper, however, is priced at $3,899, so we recommend it only if you have the budget and are looking to do some serious camping.

Inflatable bed

bed setup inside a car

The Skycamp roof tent comes with a hefty price tag, so if you’re looking for something at a lower price range, your best bet is a classic inflatable bed, which you can get for as low as $30. FBSPORT’S $35 offering comes with an air pump. It also has a back cushion to act as a sort of headboard for sitting down comfortably with your legs outstretched. After your trip, you can still use this car mattress at home for guests or you and your family.

Travel-sized first aid kit

You should be prepared for every possible accident or inconvenience, especially for longer trips. One thing you should have on hand is a first aid kit. This one from Protect Life is made specifically for traveling and is fully stocked for just about every injury you can think of. The compact kit that can easily fit in your glove compartment includes disinfectant pads, an emergency blanket, CPR masks, bandages, and a rescue whistle – to name a few.

The prolonged isolation period has left many of us feeling antsy and lonely. Following the right safety measures, you can have a COVID-safe road trip. All you need is your car and a lot of gas. And no matter the state or price point of your car, there’s always a way to make it even better by equipping it with the right accessories.

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