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Smart Sports Gadgets for the Ultimate Workout

Ever since the pandemic forced us to carry out the entirety of our daily routines at home, we’ve been using more smart technology to help us work efficiently. In the fitness world, in particular, smart technology has been helping us to get better workouts without the physical presence of a trainer who can correct us on our form. The gadgets we’ve listed below all aim to do this and train us for better form, endurance, and consistency even when we’re at a distance from personal trainers.

Athos Smart Fitness Apparel

We’ve heard of wearable technology that comes in the form of wearable fitness trackers such as the Fitbit and the Apple Watch. But an even more impressive form of wearable technology is wearable smart clothing. The clothing brand Athos uses electromyography (EMG), a technique for gathering data about muscle movement, to track the effectiveness of the wearer’s training regimens. The brand’s fabric contains high-tech motion sensors that can analyze the wearer’s muscle activation and muscle contribution. This helps athletes and trainers correct form.

Tennis swing analyzer

If you’re eager to return to your freshly refinished tennis court but can’t because of COVID restrictions, the Zepp Tennis Swing Analyzer can help you maintain proper form while you’re at home. The Zepp Tennis 2 is a sensor that pairs with a mobile app and uses Smart Capture technology to record and provide feedback for your every swing. Attach the sensor to your racquet and connect it to the mobile app as you film your swing on your smartphone. The Zepp Tennis program compiles your best moves based on performance metrics, showing slow-motion clips and live scoring graphics. It also provides you with helpful data such as average and maximum ball speed and ball spin. You can also pair it with an Apple Watch.

Virtual reality (VR)

Virtual reality fabricates virtual environments, giving the user an immersive and interactive experience. VR technology simulates real-world environments for doctors for doctors-in-training, simulating medical procedures. In the sports world, this means that athletes can now train without having to leave home. This way, they not only keep themselves from contracting the virus, but they also keep themselves from getting injured. VR also helps players refine their abilities to make quick in-game decisions. A few sports industry giants that use VR include the NFL, NASCAR, and the NBA.

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Smart socks

Socks are possibly one of the last things you’d ever expect to get the “smart” treatment. But thanks to fitness clothing innovators, smart socks have become some of the best workout partners out there. Sensoria’s smart socks are embedded with textile pressure sensors. They pair with a mobile app and analyze foot cadence and pace while running. The program aims to provide runners with real-time analyses and suggestions for better running form for less muscle and joint pain and more speed.

Smart rope

Tangram Factory’s smart rope lets you step up your jump rope game. The rope has LED lights embedded onto it and flashes your jump metrics in mid-air in front of you as you’re jumping. It syncs with Tangram’s Smart Gym, a mobile app that records your jump data and even lets you see how you measure up with other users worldwide.

Halo Neuroscience

Neuroplasticity refers to the brain’s ability to change and form new neural connections when we learn and practice. Halo Neuroscience has created a program that helps speed up this development in our brains. It uses the Halo Sport, which looks like a normal pair of over-the-ear headphones. The Halo Sport’s headband is lined with foam spikes known as Primers that deliver small pulses that are responsible for brain stimulation.

The Halo Neuroscience Program is designed to help with strength, endurance, and skill. It is backed by several studies that report favorable results regarding its role in promoting brain stimulation and the development of muscle memory. It is recommended not just for sports, but also for music education and language learning.

Smart scale

These days, weighing scales can do much more than used to. And perhaps it’s only right that they’ve adapted, as fitness measurements have evolved far beyond just a person’s weight. A smart weighing scale lets you know your heart rate, muscle mass, and BMI, among other things. Smart scales are even better when paired with a fitness tracker, though you don’t need one to get what you need out of a smart scale. They help you set your goals and see them through – perfect for the new year!

The new normal calls for technology that enables us to get our work done with the same – if not better – level of efficiency even when we’re distanced from others. These new technologies in fitness accessories help improve our form, endurance, and strength with professional-grade efficiency.

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