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Gadgets and Service to Promote Your Passion for the Arts

More often than not, recent technological advancements have given off the common misconception that our venture towards the modern era is a tool to kill the arts. Now that we have smartphones and plenty of other distractions, it is believed that our progress has left us with lots of distractions keeping us from pursuing our passion for the arts.

However, we actually tried to get to the bottom of it and determine whether this progress is really killing the arts. What we found out is quite the contrary. We are now provided with lots of gadgets and services that help further our artworks. We prepared this article to lay down some of them.

Gadgets and Services for Art

The thing about art is that if it is within you, it will always find a way to manifest itself in everything we do. That flame never goes out. It is just dimmed by the countless tasks we feel like we need to do to keep earning. However, if you provide more attention and focus to it, you will actually find plenty of tools to help your art, and below are some of them.

Graphics Tablet

We used to draw and express ourselves with a pencil and a sketchpad. However, now that we live in the digital age, it’s quite difficult to share this online with many people because of the challenges of transferring these drawings to your computer or mobile phone. Thankfully, graphics tablets are now available in the consumer market. This works well with plenty of software and applications for drawing, and you wouldn’t have to worry about running out of ink or needing all kinds of pencils and pens, as these are often readily available with the program.

Printing Services

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to stick to the traditional methods of art-making. If you are more comfortable with drawing or painting on a sketchpad or a canvass, and you love your outputs, that’s great. You can even further this pursuit and look for art-printing services that can put your artwork into a frame and hang it on your wall. You have to make sure that the services you get can maintain the quality and vibrance of your artwork.

Poseable Mannequins

You don’t really have to be Michelangelo to capture the perfect human anatomy in your drawings, but having the best poseable mannequins in your workspace can bring you closer to that. These are relatively cheap, often only at around $5, and can provide proper articulation on drawing the human physique. Some small mannequins showcase our entire anatomy, but others are just certain parts of us, like the hands or the head. They all can be great references, especially if your painting often includes humans.

Film Camera with Printer

Yes, we get it. Nobody wants an old digital camera nowadays when we have mobile phones with the most advanced features when it comes to photography. However, the past is always a great place to visit, and having a film camera with you can bring a distinct vintage look to your shots. However, we also understand that it’s quite difficult to find a camera-printing service nowadays. That’s why instant cameras like Instax or Polaroid are your best options. They are relatively cheap and can produce photos with just a click.


If you love DIY projects and tend to design your own stuff like your helmet, car, or even your shoes, you’re going to love airbrushes. This tool is used to spray paint and create murals or other graphic designs. It’s best if you go for the ones powered by an air compressor, and make sure that you use paint sets that work on most surfaces since some types of airbrush paint work well with metal or wood surfaces but don’t do well on fabric. Researching about these things is essential in maximizing your airbrush’s potentials.

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Art Papers

If you tend to have problems with printing your photos and often have paint smudges on them as soon as they leave the printer, there might be a problem with the paper you’re using. For best results, make sure that you use inkjet-coated art papers. These can be used not just for photo reproduction but also for lots of other art crafts. Variations of this paper can be used as stickers.

Your passion for the arts is undying, and it will always be there. You need to revisit it once in a while. When we say it’s undying, what we really mean is that plenty of innovators are as invested in the arts as you, and there will always be gadgets and services to keep the art alive.

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