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Newborn Photography Tips

Newborn photography can be surprising and challenging, especially when you’re the photographer. One good factor, though, is that you can have the parents as your assistants; they can help you hold and pose the baby, put them to sleep, or make them laugh. However, the baby’s mood can get in the way of your work, but if you’re able to ace it, then your photos will be perfect.

Once you get into newborn photography, there will be just so much that you will not have time to edit those photos anymore; hence, the need for a photo editing company. This will make your job easier and will open more chances for you to shoot more and more babies.

Here are some newborn photography tips to help you get through the process:

Dress them up

Halloween costume, winter outfit, florals, Christmas clothes. Ask the parents to let them wear costumes based on whatever theme you have for the photoshoot. Babies grow up fast, and it is vital to help the parents create the best memory they can have of their newborns. Try to suggest a few options – play with colors, themes, and styles. Dress up the baby, the most adorable and creative way possible.

Background and set up

One important aspect of newborn photography is simplicity. The only focus of your photoshoot should be the little human. Hence, you should not go with colorful and chaotic backgrounds. Instead, use soft hues filters and make the background simple and with a single color tone only. This will also make it easier for the photo editor to color correct and to set the correct white balance of the photos.

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When doing newborn photography, you may think that you will have to buy all the props that you will need. However, most photographers do not realize that most of the props that they need can be found in their home or their clients already own it. Discuss with your client the theme and the set up of the photoshoot, and plan it well. There is also a big chance that your clients own something special to them that they would want to be a part of the baby’s photos. All that you will need is some creativity; then you will save money and time from purchasing all these props.

Get candid

There isn’t a right moment when it comes to newborn photography. Just leave your camera in a continuous shooting mode, here you will be able to shoot the most candid and most precious moments – when the baby is on their back, laughing with their parents, rolling around, and smiling. These moments can happen any time, so it is important to capture every emotion, gesture, and angle. When choosing photos, focus on the candid ones. Show the playful and naughty moments, the true essence of a baby photoshoot.

Involve the family

It is recommended to include the family of the baby as much as you can. Yes, you should take photos of the baby alone, but also take a few photos of the baby with the mother, father, and their siblings. Capture candid moments between the brothers and sisters, and in photos where they will have to pose, make the older siblings keep a protective stance on their newborn sibling. As for the parents, try to capture photos when the baby is looking at their parent’s eyes to show genuine emotion between them.

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