Marketing Jewelry Online: 5 Basic Steps to Getting Customers’ Attention

Jewelry is one accessory that never goes out of style and trend. Men and women of any age and culture own jewelry, so we could all agree that it is a profitable business venture. In fact, over 29 million people bought jewelry in 2018 through online stores. But how did these online sellers reach success?

The industry of online jewelry selling is a competitive one, so you need a solid marketing strategy to earn a high standing. One of them is posting professional-quality photos of your products, and this means not only capturing them with a good DSLR camera. Some companies offer photo and jewelry retouching and other services. You need to invest in professional services to get the attention of your target market right away.

That said, here’s how you can market your jewelry items online:

1. Know the Trend

Jewelry is fashion, which means its trends change frequently. Your online store has to have a range of trendy styles and to be consistently updated with the latest, follow jewelry blogs and research constantly. You can also use Google Alerts to stay on track with the current trend. Type in a keyword about jewelry and Google will send you emails each time a new content about jewelry trends gets published.

2. Be Unique

Your products have to have an element that set them apart from others–for example, fair trade jewelry. This can be appealing to customers because it shows your support for local artisans who work under fair and just conditions. That way, you can earn a good reputation not just from your products, but from your ethics, as well.


3. Choose the Right E-Commerce Platform

There are several online marketplaces to sell jewelry, but consider an e-commerce website builder where you can be in control of the design and overall content. Research on which e-commerce website builder is the best, and make your decision based on your findings. This platform is time-saving and can also help you manage your inventory, so consider that a convenience. On top of that, they don’t charge listing fees and some also don’t require transaction fees.

4.  Run Ad Campaigns

Leverage social media and run your ad campaigns on widely used platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. This involves fees, but it will be an investment to reach out to more customers. Facebook ads can expose your products to your target market that aren’t yet aware of your online business. The cost will depend on how long you plan on running your ad campaign.

5. Post Professional Product Photos

Your ads will gain the right attention if the product photos look magnificent. Jewelry pieces could be small pieces, so they can be tricky to photograph. You can hire professionals to do the job, but if you choose the DIY route, then here’s a simple guide on how you can take perfect jewelry photos.

  • Clean and polish your jewelry. HD photos can make even the tiniest speck of dust noticeable, so before beginning your photoshoot, make sure your products are all clean and polished. You can use a microfiber cloth or soft, damp cotton to gently wipe away dust and dirt.
  • Use a macro lens. Since jewelry is tiny, close-up photos are the trick to showcase its details. However, your lens may reflect on the jewelry because of the close distance, so it will be helpful to hide the surroundings of your lens using a white paper, for example.
  • Use the right lighting. Natural light is recommended by pros, but off-camera flashes are also great. The key is to create a soft and even lighting without too much shadow.
  • Use contrasting backgrounds. Your jewelry products will absolutely stand out when photographed against backgrounds of contrasting colors. Be sure not to use too many colors at once, though because it may distract the main subject.

Following these basic steps, your online jewelry store can achieve success. It would also help if you wear your own products to show your customers how they look with different types of clothing. Online selling takes hardwork and dedication, so it’s important to stay focused and determined to succeed.

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