Why You Shouldn’t Do Art Alone

It’s only right for local artists to have a platform where they can practice their craft and showcase their works. Nowadays, most artists have a day job to support their passion financially. Not all artists have the luxury to go full-time, unlike before. Bills have to be paid, and people do not always pay for art.

Providing avenues will not only encourage the artists to create further but surely bring the community together. As they say, strength can come in numbers. Art collectives are created to provide a sense of belongingness to artists. It’s the perfect support team that can put members in the spotlight by creating collaborative installations or performances.

Some art collectives organize their events—whether it is a community event or a state-to-state show. From contacting a stagehand company in Idaho to taking care of the logistics in bringing the show to another state, these artists can be hands-on just to secure the event’s success.

Nonetheless, all the hard work will pay off because of these benefits:

  1. You can learn new skills.

A collective is composed of artists with different styles and mediums. It is an excellent place to learn from each, something you can incorporate within your style and help you grow as an artist. Other than trying a new creative skill or technique, you can learn about the business aspect of being an artist. Sometimes, artists who are starting view the art industry with a rose-colored lens. However, the reality is that management skills and bargaining will come in handy once you’re holding your exhibit or concert.

  1. You can have a bigger network.

Network is important if you want to be known in your field. Of course, you need to have the ability, as well. But having a network in the creative field allows you to be up-to-date with the workshops you can submit to or events you can join. You might not even be aware of such opportunities. The hype puts the group in a motivated state to create. Furthermore, the network helps you expand your art business by knowing the right people who can promote your work.

  1. You can collaborate with other people.

Group filming and videography

As an artist, one of the ways to get you off your comfort zone is through collaboration. It can be from one style to another or one art form to another. You already know your creative process, but once you work with someone, you tend to be shaken out of your core. Your mind is driven to think outside of the box. Collaborating with an artist helps you realize the possibilities—that your abilities can go further, and your work can reach beyond expectations.

  1. You can learn from the experts.

Learning from experts requires money. Instead of having a one-on-one workshop, your group can participate altogether. All of you can shoulder the fee by chipping in or creating a project specifically meant to fund the workshop, both of which are smart financial decisions.

Art matters to the world—from music to literature, visual to film. It is important for artists to feel that there are people who are ready to listen and bask in their art. It boosts their morale. After all, as much as it can be therapeutic, being an artist is a difficult path in life with the constant self-critique and unachievable self-satisfaction. The community’s support can make the journey a little less hard.

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