Till Death Do Us Part: What It’s Like Getting Married Amid the Pandemic

Love is always in the air. In fact, many couples worldwide have been planning their unforgettable day for months and years on end. The goal has always been to have the wedding of your dreams and make that one day a special memory of love that will last for decades on end. Unfortunately, many people canceled their fairytale wedding plans due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic that resulted in restrictions and bans in mass gatherings. So what does it look like exchanging “I do’s” in the pandemic?

Planning Has Become Challenging More Than Ever

When one has been planning their big day a year or two beforehand, they put a lot of time, money, and careful planning into it. As much as weddings sound spectacular and magical, the bride and groom go through stress behind the scenes making sure that the celebration of their love goes according to plan.

Of course, the wedding industry has a huge role in numerous couples’ big day. Unfortunately, they had to take a big hit in 2020 and the early months of 2021 because of the unexpected pandemic. Planning has also become a Russian roulette for couples. For many countries, there is a fluctuation in the number of people allowed in gatherings. This unclear directive resulted in couples adding and subtracting their guest lists back and forth. Not to mention that many couples often carry the burden of making the tough decision of either postponing their weddings indefinitely or entirely. In short, if you thought being an engaged couple planning your wedding needed a lot of patience and flexibility, think again. The pandemic just emphasized that even more.

True Colors Revealed

Seeing how many people have met with the unfortunate effects of the COVID-19 virus, governments worldwide imposed health measures to curb the spread: contact tracing, swab testing, mask-wearing, to vaccinating the population. It is only natural for brides and grooms to prioritize their guests’ safety on their big day.

Wedding invitations from these couples have evolved into using their guest’s vaccination status as a form of their RSVP. In a nutshell, those who completed the doses get invited, while those who aren’t, well, aren’t invited. Though the intentions might be great, it has become a point of argument between many friendships and families. In a few instances, angry guests fumed at the bride for imposing ridiculous requirements that they claim to more or less violate their right to choose.

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Unconventional Memory Making

Some couples decide to postpone their weddings until it is entirely safe for mass gatherings to occur. But what happens when you genuinely want to get married already without having to risk your friendships and relationships? Other couples decide to continue with their nuptials but without the fancy party and catering services in lavish venues. Some go to the registry and sign their papers that affirm their marriage. However, this does not mean that they have to have a dull ceremony in their union.

Unconventional memory making is the new “we got married” trend amid the pandemic. Instead of going on expensive out-of-town honeymoons and extravagant receptions, brides have now resorted to being more modest with how they remember their special day. Dressing up and hiring a wedding photographer to take their photos as husband and wife is one safe option in the pandemic. Much like a prenup shoot, it’s only you and your partner with your photographer (and maybe a few assistants) capturing intimate moments. Not only does this save time and energy from responding to angry friends about their vaccine requirement, but it also puts everyone’s safety into consideration. The best part is, you’re still able to capture precious moments as husband and wife.

Interestingly, this pandemic has also changed wedding traditions. With lockdown forcing many to stay at home with their pajamas, brides are now inclined to make a fashion statement on their wedding days like no other. It is safe to say that the pandemic might have revolutionized modern-day wedding dresses.

Will This Be the End of Big Weddings?

As much as the situation suggests that couples worldwide have learned to settle into more modest celebrations of their unions, the reality is that this is not the end for those extravagant weddings. In fact, most wedding venues right now are fully booked for the next two years. While these celebrations are postponed, many are still planning for their special royal wedding–like day. Additionally, with the pandemic depriving many of much-needed social interaction, the moment the world goes back to business as usual, relentless parties and social events will be at their peak once again to quench the need for normalcy and social activities.

These days, not many couples have the capacity or the audacity to throw extravagant weddings amid the COVID-19 pandemic. But that shouldn’t mean you can celebrate the start of your lives as one in your simple ways.

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