The Ultimate Guide to Planning the Perfect Prom

Almost everyone in high school looks forward to prom night. It is a free night in which everyone could truly enjoy themselves. If you are part of the organizing committee for such an important event, there’s no need to be pressured.

Here’s how you can prepare the perfect prom night:

Choose the Right Theme

One of the first and most important steps in organizing prom is choosing a theme. It is where the majority of the whole pro event would depend on. This is also one of the steps that could even divide and cause arguments between the committee members. However, this could easily be solved by popular vote. Some prom committees choose to involve the students by giving out surveys with options that they could choose from and then decide from there.

There are some committees that also just choose to stick with the easy and traditional themes and concepts that everyone could follow, such as masquerade ball, carnival night, retro, under the sea, and many more. Still, it should be a theme in which everyone could get creative and truly express themselves.

Choose the Right Location

Most proms are held in school grounds such as the auditorium or the gymnasium, but some schools go the extra mile to have it held outside the school. However, there are certain restrictions on hosting the prom outside. These include the consent of the school administration and the approval of the budget. But it is still highly recommended to keep the prom in school so that everyone is aware of where it is and how to get there.

More importantly, there’s a sense of safety and security in the area. It is now your job as the committee member to completely transform the school gymnasium or auditorium into that special place depending on the theme.

Make Sure You Get Quality Equipment

This is perhaps one of the most important things that should be on top of your prom checklist – the equipment. Remember, this is a party of graduating seniors who finally have a night to themselves in which they can truly let loose. And what better way to let loose than dancing, right? It is expected for the night and the venue to turn into a disco and everyone grooving to the music until it’s time to do the speeches – so for that to be successful, you would need great equipment to really get everyone to dance.

There are several sounds and lighting rental services in Utah and other states that are affordable but are still high-quality and enough to transform the night into something magical. The same goes with the visuals of the theme, such as a projector that flashes different memorable pictures or even something that would serve as a backdrop so as to not make the event dry.

Choosing the Music

Party music

People would definitely want to dance and sing their hearts out all night. So, choosing the right music would be very important. Decide early if you would want a DJ, a live band to play, or both. Some committees also consider bands that are created in the school to perform a few songs and then have the sound system playing on a loop with a DJ after the performances.

It would be good for exposure for the bands and at the same time would really make everyone feel the groove. Make sure the song choices are relatable and popular enough for everyone to dance to. In addition, don’t forget to stack a special playlist for the slow songs.

It’s important to remember that it’s not always about how grand the prom is, but how organized and how much effort is put into it. It would all pay off once you see your newsfeed filled with pictures taken by the students on that magical night – and it’s all thanks to your hard work.

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