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The Modern Man Cave for Different Types of People

When featured on TV, man caves all share similar looks. They’re typically dark spaces with large TV screens and bulky chairs. But it’s not exactly the right cup of tea for everyone. Different men have different taste and interests. When building the modern man cave, these differences should be reflected.

Here are various man caves that are bound to fit for your wants and needs:

For the Sports Fan

Ditch the idea that you have to decorate your room with jerseys and other memorabilia. Modern design is all about sleek spaces and minimalist interiors. Focus on the home audio system and the LED TV screen. You don’t want your room to be distracting enough to attract your eyes away from the action. Stick with a nice artwork here and there. You should also focus on the lighting. If you’re going to spend your entire Sunday watching football games, it’s bound to strain your eyes. This especially important for man caves located in basements. The lack of windows and natural light can be particularly damaging. It’s best to keep the room softly lit and get a humidifier to prevent your eyes from drying.

Man caves are not only for sights, but they’re also for the bites. Keep a fridge so you won’t have to go to the kitchen for a cold beer. You should also get a small toaster to heat up your pizza.

For the Hobby Mechanic

If you like working on cars, why build the typical man cave? Build a workshop at your home. You can get shelves and drawers where you can keep the tools and materials you’ve collected. Like the sports fanatic man cave, the lighting is also very important here. Since you’re going to be working on various mechanical parts, you’ll need to see clearly. It’s best to choose a location that gets a lot of natural light for your man cave. If you’re going to be using it at night, make sure that it’s properly lit and it isn’t directly in your line of sight. You should also keep a smaller LED work light when you have to tweak smaller parts.

For the Social Butterfly

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Do you like having friends over at home? Your man cave is the perfect place to entertain with minimal distractions. Besides the usual TV and sofa, you’re going to need some entertainment. Get a dartboard or a pool table so you and your friends can play and even have some bets. Keep a stylish mini bar for some refreshments.

When you’re going to have a lot of people around, you’re going to need plenty of space. Get a sectional sofa to maximize the room so you can move around without disturbing everyone. You should also use floating shelves to store your things. The best thing about this type of man cave is that you can use it over the holidays and for parties.

Everyone deserves to have their own space where they can unwind and do what makes them happy. Make the most out of your home by tailoring it to your interests. You don’t have to go out to enjoy yourself.

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