The Best Home and Outdoor Winter Gadgets and Accessories

As we approach the end of winter, you may be wondering what else you can do to make the most of the remainder of the season whilst following the pandemic’s health and safety protocols. But so long as you’re socially distanced, you can still enjoy some fun, whether indoors or outdoors. According to the CDC, facilities for snow sports will be regularly disinfected, but make sure to wear masks anyway. We’ve listed a few gadgets and accessories for a warm and enjoyable winter season. And even if you’re more of a homebody, you’ll still find something on this list that you’re sure to like.


Looking for an eco-friendly alternative for warming up a room? Look no further than Egloo, a 3-in-1 humidifier, heater, and oil diffuser. It’s eco-friendly because it’s powered only by candle wicks, as compared to less sustainable, more heavy-duty, and more costly equipment that requires electrical power or gas. It works by lighting wicks and filling a surrounding well with water and a scent of your choice. Cover it with its two nested domes, and in five minutes, your room will be warmer and more fragrant. Extinguish it by blowing it like a candle.

Tabletop fireplace

If you’re looking for a heater that more closely resembles the comforting sight of a campfire or fireplace but without the smoke and the mess, try a tabletop fireplace. It’s another mini and more sustainable method to warming a room. It features a steel burner flanked by two panes of tempered glass for your safety. It burns clean bioethanol fuel and produces a fume-free fire. Best of all, you can place it atop any table surface to bring warmth to the room.

Skiskates 2 by Snowfeet Skiskates

Are you sad because you want to wear the Descente women’s ski jacket? Not to worry. You can still enjoy a winter of fun in the snow even during the pandemic, thanks to an emerging snow sport called skate skiing. Your ideal equipment for this is the Skiskates 2 by Snowfeet Skiskates. These are a combination of skis and skates, allowing you to skate on snow as you would on ice. The skiskates are branded as the world’s shortest skis, so they can easily fit in your backpack. You can attach them to ski boots of almost any size.

Solid Winter Touchscreen Gloves

playing with snow

We all dislike going on outdoor trips in the winter is keeping warm while enjoying the moment. Specifically, we hate having to take off one glove to text or take pictures! But with’s Solid Winter Touchscreen Gloves, you’ll be able to capture all your outdoor moments without risking frostbite. The fabric is embedded with Invisitouch technology that allows for a seamless touch screen experience even with gloved hands. There are magnets hidden in the fabric to keep your gloves together so you’ll never lose a glove again. The cherry on top of these winter warmers is that the label is made of microfiber cloth that you can use to wipe the screen of your device.

Winter car kits

Winter outings are all fun and games until you suddenly can’t go home because your car faces engine troubles or got stuck in the snow. In case you can’t move your car because of the snow, it’s good to have this foldable traction mat from MRCARTOOL on hand. It’s made from lightweight, heavy-duty plastic and is collapsible, so it’s easy to travel with. But if you’re looking for a kit that can get you out of any car troubles in the snow, try HAIPHAIK’s emergency roadside toolkit. Equipped with a shovel, a jumper cable set, traction ropes, and tire repair tools, it can help you overcome any wintertime car troubles.


After a long day of activities out in the cold, settle in for the night with your favorite hot beverage. Italian designer Sabrina Fossi understands that we make hot beverages in the winter not just to drink but also to hold in our warmth-starved hands. That’s why she designed the ToastyMUG, a mug that allows you to make the most of the warmth from your hot beverage as you hold it in your hands. The ToastyMUG’s ergonomic handle envelops your hands, keeping heat from escaping them and helping them to stay warmer.

Even with the pandemic, you can still enjoy the remainder of the winter. With the help of a few gadgets and accessories, you’ll be warm, safe, and cozy whether you’re indoors or outdoors. Being in the cold doesn’t have to be difficult and painful.

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