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The Best Apps and Gadgets for Homebuyers and Real Estate Agents

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, the surge in first-time homebuyers helps keep the US real estate industry thriving despite initial fears that it would collapse as a direct result of the crisis. And they have their family members and friends to thank for it.

Data show that over 50 percent of first-time homebuyers got financial help from close friends and family members, which allowed them to take care of the down payment. The figure was the result of a survey of 1,000 prospective and recent buyers. The survey was held from January 7-11, 2021 by HarrisX on behalf of realtor.com.

Now, whether your family members or circle of friends are helping you land your dream home or you’re doing everything on your own, your house hunting should be as smooth as possible so you can take care of the requirements and move in soon.

Or, perhaps you’re an agent or broker who’s trying to find ways to best market your handled properties and show that you offer low-rate mortgages that are the best among all competing real estate companies in your area.

Whichever the case may be, what better tools to help you than whatever technology already has in its arsenal?

Here are the best mobile apps, electronic devices, and tech tools that you can use to facilitate an effortless and successful home hunt or sale:

The usual suspects: iOS and Android devices

Whether it’s a smartphone or a tablet, electronic devices that are capable of downloading mobile applications are simply the best devices to use when looking for the best real estate listing with the features you want (or highlighting the best aspects of the home you’re selling).

Regardless of the operating system that the mobile device runs on (Apple’s iOS or Google’s Android OS), the fact that one can download, install and use a gadget that’s handy enough to be put inside one’s pocket means that you can search for or market real estate listings while on the move.

This is a sure winner if you’re a busy person and you can only hunt for (or promote) your dream home while on the train, as you have breakfast, or while doing some other thing during your typical day.

Cloud computing

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For real estate agents and brokers who need to store large files of their listings and other data related to their business, cloud computing is the tech tool for them.

Aside from the ability to store large data on a cloud server, brokers and agents can also access the exact files that they need from any internet-capable device. It’s like taking your computer’s physical hard drives and putting them in a virtual place (cloud) so you can conveniently get the files you need from your tablet, laptop, or smartphone.

You may use Google Cloud Platform or Google Drive, which has free and paid versions, or similar cloud platforms and solutions such as Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and IBM Bluemix. They have different plans that suit various budgets and technical requirements, so you’re sure to get one that best suits your specific needs and budget.

Matterport 3D Showcase

This is for real estate agents and brokers who wish to have the technological edge of digitally or virtually letting potential homebuyers immerse themselves in the intimate features of the homes they’re selling. This tool presents home interiors in 3D video footage, which allows home hunters a Google Maps-like experience that no amount of brochure or poster can offer.

The tool likewise gives users options to indicate home dimensions and add digital floor plans for the benefit of homebuyers.


Aside from marketing collaterals that focus mainly on images and videos, content is another excellent strategy for entire potential buyers to consider a specific listing. And when it comes to promoting homes through an interesting mix of articles and relevant photos, Storehouse is a much-favored real estate marketing aid that delivers positive results.

You can create testimonials from past clients, showcase the houses you’re selling, and even put up a short bio to let buyers know about your credentials as a real estate agent or broker. In short, Storehouse is an excellent marketing tool that offers potential homebuyers a 360-degree view of what you have to offer in terms of your credentials and the selling points of the properties you handle.

Curb Call

How does an app that lets potential buyers come to you and not the other way around sound to you? Impossible? Well, such a mobile app is, in fact, 100 percent real and functional.

Curb Call is a revolutionary app that helps home hunters look for listings that interest them. Once they’ve picked one, they can use the app to request an on-the-spot how showing. Once you’ve responded to the request, then it’s game on until you managed to close the deal and make your commission.

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