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Smart Kitchens: Knowing the Trend

Many homes today boast high-tech and innovative features. But none have evolved as much as the kitchen.

The kitchen is the heart of a home. That will always remain. Because of technology, it can become so much more. The smart kitchen is the trend nowadays, especially for the tech-savvy. However, it is not surprising if smart homes will become the norm in a few years. Such homes can be operated through the Internet of Things (IoT), Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi. Because of this wireless connection, it can be controlled through various means but more commonly via Google Home or Amazon Alexa. With just your voice, a smart kitchen can function and operate, making it less tedious and more efficient.

But if you are looking to upgrading to a smart kitchen, you need to think first of the appliances that you may need. Perhaps there’s no need to jump right away to the trend. Here’s a list of smart appliances that is essential if you want to have a smart kitchen.


Imagine operating a microwave with just your voice. No other effort is required. Because of Google Home and Amazon Alexa, more and more appliances are ready for smart homes. For example, if you will be baking but you’re still in the middle of work, you can ask Alexa or Google Home to preheat the oven and it will be able to do so giving you time to accomplish your task at the same time be ready once you start baking.

It saves time and energy allowing you to be multi-tasking and have more time to do other things. A lot of manufacturers and companies are gearing up to make appliances that are smart home-ready. Soon, most if not all, appliances will be controlled through these smart means.


Old models of dishwashers tend to have issues with temperature and even with the right amount of dishwashing soap that it dispenses as time goes by. Most people would leave those issues be. That will cause problems eventually and it will be more consuming in the long run.

But with a smart dishwasher, you do not have to worry about these things. These smart dishwashers can adjust the temperature automatically. They are also capable of dispensing the right amount of dishwashing soap. And since they are controllable via your smartphones, you can easily maintain them. It can even update you if there are any issues regarding your dishwasher.

It is also beneficial for your dishes. Some are quite sensitive and need proper care and the right temperature to wash. Not only that, but you are also more secured in storing and cleaning your expensive china, pans, and even your set of engraved chef’s knives because smart dishwashers are efficient and can function with just a click from your phone.

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Another innovative smart appliance that is integral in creating a smart kitchen is ta refrigerator. One of the things that makes a smart refrigerator worth your time is the fact that it has a camera inside and accessible through your phone. So, if in case you forgot how much supplies you have left, you can just check your phone to know how many you must buy in the grocery. They also have tablets featured on the front of the refrigerator that can function as a memo pad.

You can easily look for recipes on the internet with that tablet on the fridge. And like dishwashers, the temperature is also monitored easily via your phone. So, you can adjust automatically without having to manually set it in.

Why is it advantageous to switch to smart appliances?

Smart appliances can be a bit pricey over the traditional appliance, however, there are payoffs to them. Think of it as an investment. Eventually, you will be able to see a return on investment in different forms. These smart appliances are energy efficient. They also enable you to do more as they can self-monitor and do not need constant looking out for. Smart appliances also notify you if there are issues with these devices.

As time goes on, humanity inches closer and closer to a life of completely surrounded and dependent on technology. It is a testament to the ever-expanding and deepening of how far society can innovate and evolve. From abacus to calculator to finally our smartphones of today, the marvel of the human mind continues to challenge technology and the way we live our lives. Technology has revolutionized people’s lives in the most unlikely way. Homes ceased to be just a place of peace and rest. It is now more than a sanctuary.

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