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Design Tips and Ideas for a Killer Smart Home Gym

We already know what the homes of the future will look like: Everything will be automated, various home functions can be turned on and off through our smartphones, and homeowners will experience increased security through different modern cameras and motion sensors that can detect unwanted movement in the home.

There is no denying that the future is truly smart, and the fitness industry cannot be outdone. Homeowners who also want to be able to do everything from the comfort of their homes cannot neglect physical fitness, and a big part of that is to invest in their home gym.

Here are some design tips and ideas for homeowners who want to set up a smart home fitness gym.

Convert One of the Rooms Into a Sports Court

Here are the advantages of converting one of the rooms into a tennis or basketball court through a contractor:

  • It can help kids grow up with the sport and can help them learn how to stay active through healthy competition
  • A basketball or tennis court can do double duty; they don’t have to be just a sports court—they can also be a space where people can do all sorts of activities and workout regimens.
  • If they are indoors, whatever smart equipment you put in will be safer and less likely to be sniped by thieves or intruders

Having a home court can be a great way to get your sweat in through your favorite sport, and it can also be a space where you can keep your equipment and gear when they’re not in use. Moreover, partnering with a reliable contractor known for building the highest quality residential courts will help you achieve the look and feel you want for your smart home gym.

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Start With the Essentials

The following are the key components of a smart home gym:

An interactive mirror is basically a large iPad for your wall. But remember, these screens are not just giant tablets; they can do various tasks for the homeowner, and the possibilities are endless. One example of this is a device called Mirror, which are big LCD screens that can project a virtual trainer as well as yoga and workouts. They also allow homeowners to sign for a wide array of disciplines and classes. So if there are some types of exercises that you want to get into but can’t find in your neighborhood gym, you will most likely be able to find one through this interactive mirror. Another benefit to this device is that it can ensure that your workout is tailor-made for your needs and lifestyle. It has a camera that can track your progress, and in turn, help you reach your fitness goals sooner and more accurately.

Another basic piece of equipment that you can look into is a smart bike or treadmill. One example of this is the Peloton Bike, which takes the atmosphere of a spin class into your own living room. The bike has a smart touchscreen that provides the user with a virtual class and monitors their vitals. The same company also came up with the tread, which is an upgraded version of the beloved treadmill. It also has the same smart touchscreen that offers hundreds of exercises and workout classes.

Once you have these three components, you are well on your way to building the smart home gym of your dreams.

Explore Automation

If your home is already using smart technology to some degree, then using those same tools and devices on your home gym might be a good idea as well. Here are some basic smart home tools that you can also incorporate into your home gym to help you save money on electricity bills and maximize your workout space:

  • Smart lighting technology can help you, as a homeowner and gym buff, choose your gym’s look, feel, and general atmosphere through the lighting options. You would have the choice to use full color, tunable white, dimmable white, and even other more colorful options like pink and blue.
  • Smart thermostats can also find the most optimal temperature every time you’re working out, eliminating the need for you to manually change the settings when you’re in the thick of your routine.

If you see physical fitness and your overall well-being as a big priority for the rest of your life and that of your family, then investing in a smart home gym might be a good idea. Consider these design ideas as you dream of what your future home gym will look like.

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