mosquito sucking blood

How to Outsmart the Peskiest Mosquitoes

Summer is in full swing and, while it’s the best time to bask in the glorious sun and cool off in the pool or by drinking iced drinks, the season means mosquito armies potentially reigning our yard. No matter the known means of keeping them from breeding in our vicinity, they keep coming back. And as exasperated we are of having to deal with them every year, we have to, or else we’ll run the risk of getting bitten or, worse, sick.

Are you one of those who have tried everything, but have found that these pesky mosquitoes still overcome the barriers you practically set against them? Perhaps, it’s time to revisit your game plan to regain rule over your property. Out with the impractical filling in spots where puddles tend to form or expensive fogging, in with the following new and ingenious ways to keep mosquitoes out of our sight:

Light-colored Clothing

Heat levels continue to soar each summer, and the more we need to keep ourselves cool, or else we could get sick. We could keep ourselves cool by seeking shade when outdoors, revving up the A/C when indoors, staying hydrated, and wearing clothing made of thin fabrics. Unbeknownst to many, the latter is also crucial in not attracting mosquitoes to us.

Mosquitoes have thermal sensors that help them land on their next blood source. If we wear dark clothing, which retains heat more, the more we come to their radar, the higher our chances of getting bitten. This gives more reason for us to stick with a clothing ensemble with light colors and fabrics as we sail through the remaining days of the hottest season.

Minimize Liquor Intake

Summer may seem like the best time to drink and be merry with friends, but you wouldn’t want to know that this affair would be just as good news for mosquitoes. Researchers of the J Am Mosq Control Association discovered in a 2002 study that drinking beer heightens a mosquito’s attraction. On the other hand, study subjects who drank water weren’t as attractive to the said insects.

True to all types of alcoholic beverages, drinking causes the body temperature to rise and triggers glands to produce sweat. This brings us back to the fact that mosquitoes highly rely on their thermal sensors. Add to that the fact that they are most likely to bite the person who’s optimally warm for them. We hate to break it to you, but you might have to slow down on the booze or drink at your own risk.

mosquito sucking blood

Plants to Have Around

Their role of being sources of annoyance often overshadows mosquitoes’ huge part in the pollination of plants. Still, this does not necessarily mean they hover over every plant type in search of nectar, as there are ones they particularly hate. You could use these mosquito-averse plants to your advantage while enhancing your garden’s aesthetics:

  • Rosemary. Having a pot or more in areas where you frequent is powerful in shooing the mosquitoes, and you can pluck mature leaves and sprinkle them onto your focaccia dough or pasta to make them more savory.
  • Lemongrass or citronella grass. Like rosemary, lemon and citronella grass contain oil that mosquitoes hate. Extracted oils in bottles you can spray or diffuse are available in the market, but keeping a bunch in your garden is just as helpful.
  • Marigolds. These are perfect for planters surrounding your house. Their bright yellow hue could instantly liven up any space. Aside from their aesthetic value, marigolds emit a scent that puts mosquitoes and even other pests like aphids and squash bugs.
  • Geraniums. Scented geraniums contain a scent reminiscent of that of citronella and are just as potent in warding off mosquitoes.

Natural Solutions

You may have shopped for mosquito attractants to trap and keep mosquitoes from breeding, but you are never sure if there are no more last ones that are still very determined despite being outnumbered. All you have left is to protect your last frontier, and that is your skin. Here are several natural substances you can lather yourself in to repel approaching mosquitoes:

  • Lavender. You can plant these wonderful smelling flowers in your garden, but you can also sit right in front of your diffuser as it releases the essence of lavender oil. You’ll not only smell nice, but you’re less likely to encounter mosquitoes in your path.
  • Sage. This is popular for achieving a Zen vibe in your room, but less known is their earthy aroma when burnt is just as effective in keeping mosquitoes away.

This summer, show that you’re in control. Despite the ability of tried and tested chemicals, you’ll realize how nature boasts a long list of mosquito repellents that you can keep around. Aside from that, it’s always up to you to be careful when going out.

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