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Natural Rehydration Is Important: Best Flavored Water in the Market

The temperature’s not yet that warm, and people are still not walking as much today because of the pandemic. However, there’s a case to be made for people to drink their water and stay hydrated. Water is needed by the human body, which is made up mostly of liquid.

Water is important to the body for several things. The body needs to remove waste regularly, and a well-hydrated body can do that well. It is also needed to transport different nutrients to the body. Aside from that, a person who sweats a lot needs water; the body can lose water even when you go to the water or do a simple act like breathing. That’s why having water delivered in bulk sounds good.

Rehydrating at home is easy because many ingredients are readily available to make natural flavored water, but there are good options in the market. Take a look at this list for ideas.

Your Sports Drink—What You Need

You’ll need green tea, calcium magnesium powder, apple juice, salt, and your choice of sweetener for this. It’s kind of a bit warm when finished, but a good energizer for your gym days or even leg days. You need to store it in the refrigerator for best results.

It’s one of the best drinks you can create at home because of the ease of availability of green tea and apple juice. For the apple, you can juice one, while the green tea can be brewed and used in the drink, as well as a great warming brew for the season.

A Citrus Electrolyte Replenishment—What You Need

The citrus drink to drive away your allergies and cold symptoms! This is prepared using freshly squeezed lemon juice, orange juice, and coconut water. It also uses Himalayan pink salt or Celtic sea salt. Don’t forget to top with organic honey or maple syrup.

It’s obvious from the ingredients what this drink brings. It’s got Vitamin C from the lemon and orange, aside from other properties. The Himalayan pink salt helps your body fight against certain diseases, while the raw honey is full of antioxidants. It’s somewhat a win-win!

Smoothie Recipes that are Sweet—What You Need

Smoothies are great for when you need sweets that are natural and not sinful. You’re going to need coconut water, regular water, some strawberries, ice, and tablespoonfuls of natural sugar or honey and sea salt.

smoothie in a jar

If you’re working the garden or returning from a jog, this mixture is perfect. The coconut water will help you replenish liquids in your body. It also helps that it’s got nutrients aside from aiding in weight loss, boosts skin health, and helps with your digestion. Strawberries are a good source of Vitamin A and C and help your heart become healthier.

If you’d instead buy from the market, that’s okay too, but remember to look for truly natural options. Here are two such choices you can avail:

Frozen Garden Fusions—Flavored Water

Frozen Garden fusions are great for when you want something on the sweet yet healthy side. It’s a mix of fruit and herb, and it also helps you get some flavor and water at the same time. You only need a piece for your glass of water and melt it until it mixes.

Fusions are made of real fruit, so they’ll give you all the benefits of those. They supply antioxidants, good for fighting inflammation and reducing your risk of getting a chronic disease.

Spindrift—Natural Sparkling Water

The best kind of water is sparkling water since it gives you the sensation of drinking soda without the guilt. Spindrift’s sparkling water gives you an almost authentic feel of soda but without the guilt; the flavoring is made of a mixture of real fruit juices as well as pureed fruits.

Spindrift’s flavor range is raspberry lime, orange mango, and cucumber. These products are 100% the real thing, free of any added ingredients such as sugars, dyes, and other artificial flavorings. When you’re drinking a can of it, it’s like you’re drinking a healthy mix of soda with a shot of fruit in it.

Staying healthy can be challenging with all the other options available today, but it definitely isn’t that hard to find viable options in the market. Spindrift and Frozen Garden are great options for staying healthy, but if you’d rather know what’s in your drink, then you could get the recipes above—as well as many others already available on the web. Staying healthy shouldn’t be burdensome on someone determined to maintain their health.

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