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Money from E-waste

No matter how old and junky your electronic device is, think twice before you throw it in the trash. It’s not wise. This is probably one of the most common mistakes people make. We get it. You want to move on to the latest gadget. But such a mentality could be like throwing precious dollars away. You’ll never burn $100-bills, right? So, instead of letting all these old gadgets sit idly in the garbage, why not make money out of it?

Today’s social media-driven society may be wasteful, always running for what’s the latest iteration of trendy gadgets. But it doesn’t mean you have to, right? Besides, throwing your old electronics causes harm to the environment. In 2018 alone, 60 million iPhones were sold after the newest version was released. And what do you expect? A mountain pile of once loved electronic devices being discarded and ending up in landfills. And as electronics contain harmful substances like beryllium and mercury, such actions put Mother Earth in jeopardy.

Let’s face it. No one is to blame for wanting the newest technology. But if you want to earn precious dollars while helping Mother Nature at the same time, don’t get rid of old electronics. Instead, check out better options below.

Trade It

Many retailers out there would be more than willing to give you money in exchange for your old yet working gadgets. For example, popular e-commerce websites like Amazon will provide you with a gift card or cash for your outdated electronics or Kindle. Just visit their trade-in page, and there you can check how much your item is worth. After that, an Amazon employee will further evaluate before the trading is complete.

There are also similar sites that convert your gadgets into cash, like Target and Best Buy. Even Apple decided to join because of its recycling program to help Mother Earth. Now you can exchange your old working iPhone in exchange for a gift card.

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Sell Them

If your electronics or gadgets are still working just fine, then you should use them yourself. The best websites to start are Craigslist, Amazon, or eBay.

In Craigslist, you might be required to face your potential buyers personally, while Amazon and eBay take a small portion of your profit after a complete transaction. If you still can’t decide where to post, you can post it on all the mentioned websites. You can even use this for a startup business, where you find old electronic gadgets and sell them to available sites in the market.

And if you’re willing to take it to the next level, you should opt to find the perfect set of storage units for your business. With a good one, you can secure all the gadgets you’ve collected without having to cramp your own personal space. What’s more, these self-storage facilities are affordable and largely secure. Best of all, you can expand as much as you want in a jiffy.

Use an Electronics Website

If you want a hassle-free experience rather than just getting a small amount of money on your used gadget, your best bet may be on a direct-purchase used electronics website. You can start in trade-in comparison websites like Flipsy, which tells you where exactly to go for your used gadgets so that you can get the best deal out of it.

There are other options like Gazelle and Decluttr. They offer buy-back programs for all electronics. Plus, they all have trustworthy reputations that you can bank on. So rest assured that you will get a thorough and truthful appraisal of what your gadget is worth. And get paid handsomely.

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