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Here are Techniques that Improve Customer Experience

Many companies spend resources on building their brand and refining their marketing strategies. However, some tend to overlook the experiences of their customers. Doing so has a negative effect that is difficult to erase, regardless of how good your branding is.

Focusing on customer experience has many advantages that go beyond the numbers such as loyalty, frequent consumption and recommendations through social networks. Experts on online customer experience or feedback management mention the following ways to improve this aspect of your business.

Loyalty Points and Programs

Many people want to get special rates and access to exclusive promotions after they have been patronizing a brand for some time. One way to capitalize on this way of thinking is to create a loyalty program.

This approach provides loyal customers with rewards, discounts, items and prices that are only accessible to them. This feeling of exclusivity elicits loyalty from consumers who have patronized your brand and recommended it through their networks.

Personalized Approach

One way to improve customer experience is to personalize your approach. This can come in various and even simple forms such as using a customer’s first name when sending newsletters, emails or packages. A loyal customer or member of your loyalty programs expects better treatment oblige them, and they will reward you.

Send an appreciation email for both first time customers and returning ones. This small gesture goes a long way in developing rapport with them.

Give Rewards

Find ways to reward customers who aren’t on a loyalty program. This can come in the form of freebies when they purchase an x amount of items or reached a price limit. Offer two-for-one specials or discounted rates when they buy products on the same line.

Provide Self-Service

Some customers don’t like the idea of waiting in line to pay bills, get a refund or settle other things. Improve their experience by providing self-service kiosks or online accounts that can handle payments, transfers, refunds or answer simple questions.

Recognize Customers

Your loyal consumers will appreciate you if you recognize them. Shoot testimonial videos or use their photos and testimonies across your social networks. This puts a relatable face to the products and services you offer. This elicits a positive emotional response from your target market.

A recommendation from someone a customer knows or are related to can trigger word-of-mouth advertising that you don’t have to spend a cent on.

Train Call Center Agents

Your call center agents represent your company to whoever they speak to. You want them to handle all sorts of problems effectively and in a manner that doesn’t tarnish your reputation. Train agents to improve their communication skills and provide them with a script or solutions on how to handle certain types of callers.

Fix Problems Immediately

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Customers want a company that makes decisive actions on problems. Learn to identify issues before they hit a large group of customers. Use data to foresee challenges and prepare multiple and creative solutions.

These are some of the techniques that boost customer experience. Implement these and reap the benefits. Identify which ones work best to achieve your business objectives.

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