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Don’t Make These Common Renovation Mistakes!

You are ready to renovate your home. It may be a lifelong dream or a sudden inspiration while watching home improvement shows. You are pumped up to begin. But, you must bridle your excitement. Otherwise, you might commit these common mistakes.

Going Beyond Your Ability

Home improvement shows and varying resources on the internet offers many renovating ideas. You might be tempted to start a DIY (do-it-yourself) project yourself. But take a moment to think again.

The best course of action is to form a team that will turn your dream renovation into reality. Find an excellent interior designer in Salt Lake City, or any other place you may reside. Make sure that the person you hire will share your vision, while guiding you with choices that are both aesthetic and functional. Employ a reliable contractor that will commit to your project. And someone who has great electrician and plumber contacts to help out.

Renovating a home is more than making your space beautiful. It is also about functionality, endurance, and safety. Going about it without the proper knowledge and experience spells disaster. It would cause you to lose both time and money.

Giving in to the Urge to Splurge

The notion that beautiful things are expensive is wrong. It is undeniable that quality sometimes comes at a big price, but do you need to indulge in an expensive lamp or a designer rug? While it’s normal to be tempted to amass unnecessary furniture and beautiful accessories for your home, always consider if they are essential.

The more realistic approach is to create a comprehensive budget and stick to it, or under it. Try to lookout for less expensive alternatives in online shops and thrift stores. This way, you could cut back on some expenses. You must make sure, though, that you are not compromising quality over the price. Again, your designer and your contractor should help you in this area. Their knowledge of good suppliers will come handy.

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Wanting Everything to Happen at Once

Now that you’ve read and watched your fair share of home improvement tips, you might develop this flawed belief that you can transform your home in a short span of time, tackling all the renovations simultaneously. You might even pressure your contractor and designer into doing it in an unrealistic time frame. This tactic would only lead to stress and frustration.

You need to step back and breathe. You must realize that a good renovation will require some time. To be able to comply with your specifications, you and your team should tackle one area at a time. This will also prevent unnecessary expenses from hasty decisions.

Overlooking Extra Expenses and Setbacks

Similar to any project, a major renovation comes with its fair share of roadblocks. These translate to extra expenses. When you are renovating an old house, you might come upon some issues as you tear down the walls. Examples of such are molds, leaks, termites, and old wirings.

There is no better way to overcome this than to be prepared. Include in your budget and timeline a provision for such roadblocks. Allot an extra 10% to 15% in your expenses for you to easily deal with such concerns.

Renovating a house isn’t as simple as tapping a magic wand. It is an endeavor that will need expertise, time, and money. Before committing to one, make sure that you are ready in all aspects. Psychological stress and financial strain will come to haunt you upon committing mistakes that could have been avoided.

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