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DIY Fixes: Home Repairs That Don’t Require Professional Help

Your new home is one of the most expensive purchases you will ever make. That is why you need to take care of it. It’s hectic dealing with every leak, break, or any other damage around the house, but putting off minor repairs that only take a few minutes will lead to more significant problems. It’s always advisable for every new homeowner to learn a few common DIY repairs. As much as DIY repairs are necessary, you should recognize the significant repairs that need a professional handyman. Here are simple repairs you can do yourself.

Handling Door Repairs

There are a lot of doors around the house. As much as they look innocent, doors also need preventative maintenance and repairs. Sticking and squeaking can be a real nuisance, which is why you need to learn how to handle such repairs. When hinges start to oxidize, they get very noisy; the door will be announcing your exit and entrance. You can fix the problem with a bit of lubrication. Apply a few drops of the lubricant and close and open the door so that the grease can get to all the moving parts. If you still hear the squeaking, apply more lubricant until the door is silent again. Wooden doors can also swell during humid weather. If there isn’t enough room in the frame to accommodate the expansion, it will cause problems. You may need to plane the door and remove a small layer of wood that causes resistance during closing. Before you plane the door, you should consider the problem may go away on its own after the humid weather.

Cleaning Gutters

Clogged gutters are very problematic. They can cause water damage in the basement, lead to significant wood rot and mold issues, and cause a pool of water around the house. If you have barnwood hardwood floors, you always need extra caution to avoid water damage. Cleaning clogged gutters will ensure your home never undergoes such water damage. However, you need to be comfortable on a ladder to complete this task. Remove leaves and other debris from the gutters as regularly as possible. You can scoop and drop the dirt from the gutters or use a bucket. You should have another person there to hold your ladder while you clean. It’s a simple repair that has a lot of benefits. But if you aren’t comfortable with a ladder or need a thorough cleaning, you should hire a professional.

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Fixing a Running Toilet

Almost all homeowners have had to deal with a running toilet at one point. You need special DIY tools most of the time, but this repair is simple and doesn’t need special tools. A defective flapper usually causes a running toilet. If you want to test the integrity of the flapper, open the toilet tank and push down on the flapper. If the water stops running immediately, you have identified the problem source. The next step will be changing the flapper. Shut the water valve and drain all the water in the tank by flushing. Once you have a dry tank, you can remove the damaged flapper. Take note of how it’s attached to the tank so that you have an easy time installing the new one. Follow the installation instructions given by the manufacturer to ensure the flapper works correctly. If the flapper is not the cause of your running toilet, you need a proper diagnosis from a professional.

Fixing a Jammed Garbage Disposal

There are food items that you should never push down the garbage disposal. They can clog the machine or make it ineffective. Usually, the reset button does the trick, but try repairing it yourself if the disposal is still jammed after trying the reset button. First, you need to turn off the garbage disposal and then use a flashlight to see any visible obstacles causing the clog. If you see the obstacles, you can use long-handled tongs to remove the food items. Once all the items are removed, you can turn the garbage disposal to see if it works. If it drains water perfectly, you have fixed the issue. If there is still a draining issue, it’s time to consider other causes. Try using a plunger to loosen any lingering food items before you rerun the machine. If the problem persists, it may be time to call your plumber to handle the repair.


These four are among the common repairs you can handle yourself. They take a few minutes and can make a massive difference around the house. Try fixing the minor annoying issues around the house that you have lived with for a long time. They can be easier to fix than you realize.

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