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Create Narrative Driven Video Content with these Techniques

Video content is the future of online marketing. More and more brands and influencers are turning to videos to reach and connect with their respective audiences. People are also watching more videos because of its multimedia approach and accessibility through various platforms.

Leverage this medium to maximize your resources and convert at a better rate. To improve the effectiveness of videos, use storytelling. Narratives have an emotional core that makes an impact on those who watch it.

Experts on online video production products and services cite the following techniques that enable you to use storytelling in videos effectively.

Start with the Big Picture

When you make a video and use storytelling as its focus on big picture themes. For example, you’re not just selling a dress or a drink; you are selling a dream or an idea. Narratives draw the attention of viewers to what you do and how you can help them.

Keep the focus on how choosing you is beneficial to your audience. Identify the why of your brand and the story you want to write will follow.

Focus on the Customer

happy customers

Social media has made it easier for people to connect regardless of the time zone and location. Many users now have a platform to voice their positive or negative views about a brand. Their networks will then believe or refute what they say.

A majority of people now listen more to peers than an advertisement. In such cases, you need to understand how your target audience thinks before you publish and share a video. Make the story about them their dreams, aspirations and others.

You’ll get insights about this by reading comments and feedback. Use testimonials or real customers that have shown satisfaction with your products and services. A testimony carries more weight than an advertisement because a potential customer would rather listen to a real person than a sales pitch.

Use Sparklines

For some people, data is boring, but you need it to prove a point to your potential customers. How else would they know you are a market leader, and your products work? You can use data for storytelling when you use sparklines.

This technique is a visual representation of numbers and percentages that bridges reality and hope.

Convergence of Ideas

This storytelling technique shows how different people came together to make a product or spark a movement. You can use this narrative structure to entice your audience to choose your brand. The petal structure shows various narratives that lead to one overarching theme.

The nested loops structure uses many stories wherein each one leads to another before reaching your core idea.

Inspire Your Audience

Inspiration is a powerful feeling. Weave this into the core narrative of your video’s story. Use your product or service as a springboard to an aspiration that your target audience aims for. It doesn’t have to be about the customer, and travel websites can also use this feeling to inspire potential clients to book a tour or accommodation with them because of the views they saw in the video.

These storytelling techniques enable you to create videos that resonate with your target audience. Use these to publish narratives that elicit the actions you want from potential customers.

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