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Keeping Your Cool: Effective Home Gadgets to Beat the Summer Heat

Summers are getting hotter and hotter every year, and as many Americans across the country continue remote work and learning, finding ways to stay cool while at home is as important as ever. However, keeping cool isn’t just about staying comfortable in the summer while we go through our daily routines. Extreme heat and humidity can cause a number of heat-related illnesses from heat exhaustion to heatstroke. Keep cool all summer long without raising your energy bill with these cool home gadgets.

Desk Fan

Also known as a table fan, desk fans are a great option if you spend a lot of time at your desk but are also looking for a portable fan that you can bring from room to room. They’re also more energy-efficient compared to other fans, consuming only 50 to 55 watts, which is significantly less than stand fans or ceiling fans. Another advantage of having a desk fan at your work desk is that it’s easy to set up, adjust, and isn’t attached to any surface like walls or ceilings, making them easy to carry around when you want to place them somewhere else. If you’re on the job and want to keep cool without turning up the air conditioning, a desk fan may be the right choice for you.

Smart Air Conditioner

More people are starting to turn to smart solutions for their homes to improve their quality of life and make daily tasks more efficient. From smart refrigerators to smart TVs, most home appliances these days can be controlled from your smartphone, even if you’re across the room. If you’re the type to run your air conditioner for hours at a time, you’d at least want it to run as efficiently as it possibly can. Smart air conditioners are the best choice to ensure efficient cooling by optimizing room temperature and allowing you to use less energy than a regular one would.

If your air conditioner is due for a replacement then you might want to consider switching to the smart alternative. Not only does it energy-efficient, but you won’t have to get up and change the temperature when you feel like it’s too cold- all you need to do to change the temperature and other settings is by doing so through your smartphone.

LED Lights

When you hear about LED bulbs, what often comes to mind is how energy-efficient they are. However, they also contribute to a cooler home environment, as they emit less heat compared to incandescent bulbs and compact fluorescent lamps (CFL). Studies have shown that incandescent bulbs run at 327 degrees and CFLs at 167 degrees while LED bulbs only run at 107 degrees.

Smart Thermostat

Smart thermostats come with several benefits including minimizing your energy costs, tracking how much energy you’re using, and controlling your thermostat from your smartphone. With this device you can even schedule when you want the temperature to go up or down within the day, making it easier to control your room temperature without having to constantly fiddle with it.

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Ceiling Fans

Ceilings fans are of the most common ways of keeping cool in the summer. Like many of the gadgets in this list, they’re energy-efficient, allowing you to save up to 30% to 40% on your electric bill by circulating the air around a room and leveling the temperature. Having a ceiling fan at home can significantly keep your home at an ideal temperature whether you have the window or air conditioning on.

Insulated Mugs

The summer months are the best time for ice-cold drinks, but the extreme heat and humidity can warm up your drink before you even have the chance to take that second sip.

Consider investing in an insulated mug to keep your drinks cool for longer. Most insulated mugs can keep your drinks cool for more than 12 or even 18 hours, so you won’t have to worry about your drinks getting warm throughout the day. The same goes for the winter months when you want to keep yourself warm with a hot cup of cocoa or coffee.


Dehumidifiers are known to provide numerous benefits like improving air quality and reducing moisture to prevent mold growth. However, it can also help you significantly cool down your home.

Humidity is often the culprit for the heavy, sticky feeling you experience in the summer season, and while dehumidifiers don’t blow out cold air, they do help get rid of excess moisture that causes humid environments. This way, you can still feel more comfortable on hot summer days, whether or not your air conditioning is on.

As the summer season approaches and we all continue to stay at home, making sure that we keep ourselves safe by staying cool is more important than ever. With these home gadgets, not only will you protect yourself from extreme heat and humidity, but you’ll also have new essentials to make your daily life more efficient.

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