Artistic Ways to Conceal Cracks in Old Walls?

Japanese have a form of art called “Kintsugi” that uses gold to put broken pieces of pottery back together. According to them, cracks and imperfections can help create a stronger and more beautiful artwork.

The same principle can be applied to your old wall. But why do cracks occur on walls in the first place? Below are the common culprits:

Contraction and expansion

The change in temperature and humidity level make the materials of the walls expand, inviting cracks. This is common in an air-conditioned room or small spaces that are exposed to the sun.

Low-quality paint

Adhesion typically follows soon after a poor quality paint. Latex or water-resistant paint is recommended.

Partially dried cement plaster

It is advisable to wait until the cement plaster is completely dried up before applying paint. And that process usually takes three weeks to a month. Applying paint to partially dry plaster results in paint peelings, cracks, and dark patches.

Do you have a drywall that requires minimal repair? Here are some creative ideas that can cover them up:

1. Photo frames

Photo frames are more than just mere objects that occupy a space in your home. They add appeal and unique features in a room. No wonder why they are becoming an essential element in interior design.

With photo frames, concealing the hairline cracks on your wall is no rocket science. Just choose the right size and design. Then use your favorite family photos to add some personal touch. Vector arts or illustrations in vintage frames will also do. Minimalistic arts also make a great choice. Actually, it can be just about anything that fits that feel you are after.

2. Wallpaper

Choose from tropical, contemporary, abstract, patterns, or traditional designs! Wallpapers create intricate and great impressions on your wall. You may integrate modern and old-fashioned styles to create a contrasting vibe.

Budget wise, it is more expensive than paint. But it’s less messy and easier to install. Needless to say, they are an easy remedy for the cracks and dark patches that are becoming more noticeable on your wall. Remember, use the high-quality paste to prevent the edges from separating from the wall particularly in humid seasons.

three men painting a room

3. Decals

These decorative designs similar to stickers are typically used outdoors. The only difference is they consist of multiple layers. Decal designs are transferable to just about any surfaces such as walls, car windows, and glasses.

If you want unique patterns that can conceal cracks and at the same time add personality on your wall, decal designs are for you.

4. Tapestry

This is a handwoven textile that is commonly used as covering for floors, walls, and furniture. It projects a carefree and Bohemian aesthetic. The designs range from geometric patterns, Mandala, floral, and medallion patterns. To those who prefer an adventurous and earthy ambiance, a tapestry is ideal for you.

5. Dream Catchers

Originally made by North American Indians, dream catchers are willow hoops that are known to protect children from evil spirits and manifest good dreams. But it’s gone a long way from being just an amulet. Because of the ancient and free-spirit vibe it possesses, dream catchers have gained popularity in interior design. If you are looking for affordable ways to hide imperfections on your wall, dream catchers will do the trick.

6. Wall Mirrors

A full-length mirror creates an illusion of a bigger space while serving as an elegant interior design accent. So if you want to make your room look bigger while covering up the ugly wall. You cannot go wrong for a wall mirror. The saying goes, “a mirror in the dining room attracts wealth,” just gives you another reason for hanging a mirror on the wall.

7. Wall Clock

A wall clock projects a simple and rustic vibe, making it a wonderful home decor. It is a great way to decorate cracking walls. For a more sophisticated and classy style, you may want to go for an oversized clock.

8. Painting

Feeling a bit more artistic? Turn your wall into a canvas then! Just envision how you would like your wall to look like. Then blend the silhouettes to create a dramatic artwork. Not only will it improve the appearance of your home but it’ll also conceal visible dirt.

By making use of the simplest objects available at your home, you can transform your wall without hurting your wallet. There are many other materials you can use such as bamboo, curtains, and even souvenirs. Just get creative and you sure will come up with unique ideas.

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