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Why You Don’t Need A Smart TV

You might have one in your living room or bedroom. Or you have probably seen one in your neighbor’s home. Smart TVs are making their way into everyone’s houses as a common substitute for traditional televisions. Curved TVs and flat screens are no longer enough as people yearn for televisions that can connect to phones and Wi-Fi in their homes. However, as any dystopian, speculative fiction might suggest, it is not safe. There are security risks that everyone takes on as they establish more lines of connection to the internet.

Risks of A Smart TV

There are multiple privacy risks that a smart TV entails as soon as it is plugged in. One of the main concerns is its features that can record your voice and, in some cases, your face. Smart TVs can come with a camera and a microphone to improve the accessibility of their features. However, that could create a breach in the information that a consumer is willing to provide. Any movement or speech made in front of the TV’s camera can be recorded and stored and sold as consumer data to companies. There is a reason why some advertisements you see on social media seem personalized. It is because they are!

Another risk that smart TVs pose is that they can act as a gateway for hackers to access your home. As a component in a smart home experience, they are part of a system of gadgets that include your phones, tablets, and other devices. Therefore, they can be hacked as a system since they are no longer independent of one another. That is, once your phone or laptop is hacked, so long as they are connected to the same network, your TV and other devices can be infiltrated in turn.

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Economical Alternative

Since it is still desirable to connect to the internet and have easier access to streaming services, smart TVs will not disappear. But there are ways that you can be ahead of everyone else. You already know of some risks that smart TVs bring with them, but another device exists for you to stay safe while saving some cash. Investing in the best mini-PC is the right decision, whether you live alone or with your family. It is a device that has low power consumption as well as versatility in its functions. They also do not take up a lot of space on a desk or a TV stand.

They can be used to work on sending emails or even streaming your favorite shows without the risk that smart TVs bring. They have multiple functions and are reasonable for their price. You will no longer have to worry about being hacked because the schematics for mini-PCs are either near impossible to find or non-existent. It is a more secure way for you to surf online.

The Future of Television

Despite the disadvantages of smart TVs, it is unlikely that people will heed the warnings of government agencies or be worried about the security risks. Fortunately, bringing attention to these issues might convince some designers to provide features to consumers that can help them secure their devices and their smart homes. Until then, it makes sense to seek safer and more economical alternatives to smart TVs.

Aside from curved, flat screens and the larger-than-life sizes of some televisions, the future of TVs continues to be promising. There is magic in seeing your favorite show come to life on a bigger device than your phone or tablet. It also allows for a shared experience between you and your family or friends when you decide to watch a show or movie or even an online video altogether. Television is here to stay, especially with all the new content available for you to enjoy in the comfort of your home.

Television connects everyone, for better or for worse. Through similar experiences in watching movies or the latest episodes of your favorite show, having the opportunity to view the life of others far away from you is now a need. Whether it is just a topic for a conversation at the water cooler or a personal passion, being able to watch a game, a film, or any other kind of program can help someone get through their day with less stress.

However, it is important to remember that in an ever more connected world, the right decisions have to be made. Make sure you take fewer risks as you benefit from the world that the internet creates.

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