5 Hacks to Make Your Wedding Extremely Memorable

Are you planning to tie the knot soon? If so, you must consider getting some critical preparations done as soon as possible to ensure a memorable event for everyone. Sure, planning a wedding can be a truly nerve-wracking prospect, but with the right preparations, you can easily breeze through it and enjoy your wedding day without a single problem.

Here are five hacks to ensure that you’ll have an extremely fun and unforgettable wedding:

Hire a professional videographer


The first thing to ensuring a memorable wedding is to hire a professional videographer to document everything – from getting your hair and makeup done to walking down the aisle and exchanging I dos with your lifetime partner. Videographers offer wedding video packages that may include a magnetic photo album, drone footages, a flash drive with the final edit of the entire ceremony, and other extras. Almost all videographers have standard package inclusions with options for some extras with added fees, of course.

Choose a great location

If you have the budget for it, opt to have your wedding and reception in a truly stunning venue such as a beachfront resort or a mountain retreat house. The beauty of the venue where you will tie the knot will surely contribute a great deal to making everyone remember your wedding day for months and even years to come.

However, please note that you can opt to have your wedding even at an affordable garden venue to save money. How well the place will be set-up will be enough to make the place a head-turner and become a conversation piece among those you will invite to the wedding.

Hire a wedding planner/coordinator

Another thing that you have to consider very carefully is hiring a wedding planner or coordinator. Keep in mind that planning for a wedding, no matter how simple, will involve a great deal of leg work on the part of the couple. Now, if you don’t want to stress out yourself and your partner before your big day, your wedding planner will take of such preparations for you.

Such a service provider knows what are the things to be done based on a list that you will discuss with the planner. This way, you won’t have to take the burden and instead have a relaxing journey towards getting married.

Go for practical wedding favors

If you want your guests to take a piece of your wedding theme, then you should go for practical wedding favors. These are items that they could use and would surely appreciate, such as a reusable grocery bag, a hot and cold tumbler, or a flash drive. Never settle for favors that guests will just end up throwing away because they lack practical uses.

Experiment with themes

Who says you can’t march down the aisle dressed as your favorite Disney princess? Or perhaps as one of the characters in the Harry Potter series? If you’re adventurous enough, there’s no hard rule about sticking with a traditional wedding. Instead, choose a fun theme that you and your partner agree about and that your wedding entourage will surely find amusing.

A wedding should be a special experience for the couple and the guests. With these five tricks, you should be on your way to your dream wedding that everyone in attendance will remember for longer.

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